RARE BRIDAL is a breezy and extraordinary trend in wedding fashion. The brand has been founded by Ukrainian and German designers.

Wedding dresses are created for brides with unique feeling of wedding style who look far into the future and wish to be special.

Fashion designers of Rare Bridal brand have developed their own methot of cut and added a linen style to models of dress.

Many brides around the world have fallen in love with natural silk T-shirts on thin straps with open back. Our designers have created such a subtle combination of comfort and elegance that you have never seen before.

It is our special key to your hearts. Only high-quality fabrics are used in production, such as the luxur—É tull of the eurogrid, which gives lightness and airiness to the skirts.

Due to method of layering of fabrics we have implemented our own technique of creating a unique color. Our skirts are exclusive and inimitable. We use the most luxurious fabrics, custom-made laces and handmade beaded jewelry.

Immerse yourself in an incredible fairytale with Rare Bridal. You will fall in love with this magnificence at first sight.

Be a rare bride